Being able to seamlessly manage your domain names is extremely important and can boost your user experience as a hosting client. The platforms that plenty of web hosting companies use are not that simple to work with, so you can frequently find yourself in a scenario where you have to log in and out of separate systems to complete a given task, even if you have one single domain. Not only is this inconvenient, but it also requires more time and effort in comparison to having a unified tool where you can access everything you require without signing in and out all the time. For instance, registering a new domain, hosting it and uploading the web files pertaining to it involves the use of no less than 2 different systems, all the more so in case you are using the most popular hosting platforms on the marketplace.

Feature-rich Domain Manager in Cloud Hosting

With a Linux cloud hosting from our company, you will exert absolute command over your domain names and over everything related to them. Integrated into our all-in-one Hepsia hosting Control Panel, our innovative Domain Manager will enable you to accomplish lots of things from a single location without the need to switch between separate systems. For instance, you will be able to register a brand-new domain or to renew an active one, to edit the WHOIS information or to conceal it altogether using our Whois Privacy Protection service, to host or to park a domain with a couple of clicks. The features stated so far are typical for any such tool, but using our Domain Manager’s quick-access buttons, you will be able also to change the DNS resource records for any of your domain names, to set up a database, an FTP account or an email account, to check web traffic statistics and so on. The tool is advanced, albeit easy to use, so even if you’ve never had a hosting account before, you won’t experience any problems while managing your domains and the hosting space for them.